Public Welfare

As poverty is one of the concerns in most countries so there are various ways that have been made to help the affected. There are many families around the world that needs help. They could be in poverty due to different reasons. One is that they could not have access to food as the place they are living is a barren one and they could not plant food. Even if there is food, it is not enough for them. Whether in the rural areas or in the urban areas, poverty is found.

One of the programs that were made is the giving of financial assistance to families. Every month, there is a certain amount of money that a family that has qualified into the program will receive. This could be supported also by tax program so they are free of any taxes. There are different benefits that could be availed. It could be for unemployment reason. Food stamps could also be applied for. It could also be helpful with the living expenses. It could also be for the medical help that is needed.

Other countries can just give a monthly regular amount of cash to families. They are to be chosen in each place and then screened. They will then start to receive them on a monthly basis. Poverty does not exempt a nationality as many also are living in a rich country but they are in poverty. There are even single mothers who work endlessly just to earn money and pay bills.